About Us

About Us

SEM Stevens Electrical Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacturer of Raptor Lighting® Products

Along with Raptor Lighting® offerings Stevens Electrical Manufacturing, Inc has the ability to provide private label lighting products with our customer’s name and part number on each product. Stevens Electrical Manufacturing, Inc can also custom design and manufacture any type of lighting products to meet our customer’s exact needs and specifications as well as value engineer lighting, helping our customer cut costs while maintaining high quality products our customers require.

Our President: Steve Lettecci, President of Stevens Electrical Manufacturing, Inc. has been in the electrical industry for over 36 years. Steve first started to work in the electrical trade during summer breaks from high school as a helper on the jobsite when he was just 16 years old. He went on to attend Washburn trade school in Chicago after high school graduation and began to work as an electrician for many years as a local union #134 journeyman wireman electrician. He then went on to work as an outside salesman for an electrical distributer. In 2003 Steve achieved his ultimate goal of starting his own electrical manufacturing company. Since then SEM has continued to grow and expand its lighting products and services.

SEM Products: Stevens Electrical Manufacturing has always placed top quality design and functionality as its highest priority. Through his extensive experience as an electrician and an electrical products salesman, Steve recognized the need for high quality light fixtures offered at an affordable price that were simple and easy to install. Along with his team of engineers, Steve developed a complete line of lighting products. He travelled to Asia to open his own factory, designing and manufacturing these products under his own trademark brand name Raptor Lighting®. SEM is continuing to expand and grow in the lighting industry with new patented products and services that are not offered by other lighting manufacturers.

Customized Lighting Solutions: Stevens Electrical Manufacturing provides customers a level of flexibility and offers solutions not otherwise found in the lighting industry. Rather than the widespread one-size-fits-all mentality of the competition, SEM has adopted an individual customer focused approach to lighting manufacturing. The design team at SEM works directly with each customer to design lighting products that specifically meet each customer’s unique requirements and specifications while maintaining the finest quality of finished products and saving the customer a substantial amount of money.

Please take the time to review our new website and our extensive product offerings. We are very confident that you will find our products will accommodate any lighting needs that you may have. If there is a product that you cannot find on our website please contact us to discuss in further detail about how we can provide you with whatever lighting products you must have to complete your lighting requirements.

The name Raptor Lighting® is a registered trademarked name for all of our lighting products, we are confident that the quality of our lighting products will surpass any of the competition. Large volume orders including container based orders are eligible for discounted pricing. If there are products that you need and cannot find on our website please contact us at


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