Lighting Products

The Raptor Lighting® line of products offers both Conventional Lighting Products and LED Lighting Products.

SEM Products: Stevens Electrical Manufacturing has always placed top quality design and functionality as its highest priority. Through his extensive experience as an electrician and an electrical salesman, Steve recognized the need for high quality lamps and fixtures at an affordable price. Along with his team of engineers, Steve developed a complete line of lighting products. He traveled to Asia to open his own factory, designing and manufacturing these products under his own trademarked brand name Raptor Lighting®. Recently, SEM has expanded into the commercial and industrial marketplace and is continuing to grow with new patented products and services that are not offered by other manufacturers.

Energy-saving LED Lighting: As commercial, industrial, and municipalities have become more concerned with energy efficiency and “green” lighting solutions, SEM is taking this opportunity to improve and increase its product offerings. SEM is a pioneer in the LED lighting industry and currently manufactures a variety of LED lamps and fixtures for many commercial, industrial and municipality’s applications that are unique and patented. The unmatched quality and LED life of SEM’s LED products make our company stand above the rest.

Customized Lighting Solutions: SEM provides customers a level of flexibility and security not otherwise found in the lighting industry. Rather than the widespread one-size-fits-all mentality of the competition, SEM has adopted a customer focused approach to lighting manufacturing. The design team at SEM works directly with the customer to develop lamps and fixtures that specifically meet the individual customer’s unique requirements and preferences.